Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March twenty first Spring Equinox 3/21 ..

3/21 is 123 day from 11/8 and so...
I am hoping that this will be a day of peace and safety for all

3/21 is the 80th day of the year
March  twenty first =70 in the pi cipher
video about pi cipher in the right hand column
10is a  colel unit of one
and 8=one is a colel unit of one

(I don't make the rules ..I just back engineer them)

so 70 and 88 ...are both colel units of one

First of all in "Equi" I call your attention to
the 9/11 ...in 20 which is "T" (the temple of man)
9/11 is the last step before perfect balance.
911 is divine feminine and a calendar equi-valent
to 9/23 which is Autumn equinox...the RETURN to
or Oneness..
chaos and composting..leaves falling and decay
as we return to mother earth for renewal
THAT is the true meaning of the
9/11  7/11 9/23  7/23 10/6 and other
calendar equivalents

It is also the Jesus number or Christ number
first day of the coptic calendar..because Jesus came to
restore balance to man...and to BRING us home to paradise
which is coming home to Oneness...

Order is Yang..Chaos is YIN

But this is spring so it is the first day of YANG balance..
the day after Winter Solstice is the first day of Yang but it is out of balance
3/21 is the day of ..day and night balance..
Think of a circle of day and night..and the line between them
and you have the illustration of PI ..the diameter's relationship with the

26 is the God and Alphabet number
105 is Awareness..

simple gematria

51.7 degrees is the base angle foundation
of the great pyramid. It means the foundation of
man's maturation of consciousness.
I am building a key word translation of the numbers ..I hope to share
all of this with you..

(3/21 )
Nox = 6/53 (pi/simple)
the "ing" of spring is a RUNE that seals
and empowers the magic of the word before it
and it is a colel rule of one..because it is one rune
and because it equals 13/30 ..and 13 is God in Pi cipher so it is ONE
and 30= Eight (simple "s")..and 8=one (P)

I know that the colel rule equivalents are annoying..but it is
only annoying because were were taught a braindamaged kind of left to right
math with no spring or magic or pattern in it...and it damaged our ability to think
non-linearly with concern to number...This was done on purpose..
So when you feel annoyed by the colel rules and other rules...just
use you indignation at having been trained in moron school,...to help
you get past these limitations..I went to public school too
That is why I refuse to obey punctuation rules

Spring Equinox= 53/188
53..in the pi cipher =
 53p Harvest 126s
53 Earth is Ripe 129s
53p the Spioken Word 173s
53 I am life, I am death 106s (2x 53)
10/6 is a calendar equivalent of 9/23
53p magical mind control 171 ( 7/11)
53p Higher SElf 83s
5.333= P 3/16
the ratio of P which is an unroated cursive phi..
meaning the holy spirit..which is mother
and mother nature..and that is why
mother nature grows in golden mean (phi)

In the simple cipher
53s = of Life 28p
53s Cabala 28p
53s Dome 12p

the 53rd day is is 2/22 (remember the first photo?)
with 312 remaining..(11/8 is the 312th day)

fifty three =54p/122s
[53] is my shorthand for "spelled out"
54 is one colel rule equivalent of 53
but it is also a "heaven" number
 because Heaven =23p/55s
and [23] (spelled out) =54
and 54 is one away from 55
remember that

the pi cipher I write on the top usually and will circle
in the photos...the pi cipher often has a very valid
side by side meaning..
so these two letters point the way to heaven
from the bottom of the 51.7 degree angle of the
pyramid foundation...pointing to the capstone with is
the awareness or pineal activation of Man.
Like Jesus/ Yahshua was an activated man of the pineal gland
he operated on his inner knowing and cared not for the distortions of man.

53x2 =106 (See my video about the Philadelphia train wreck of 2015 for more
about 106 in modern dark cabal usage..of false flags)

to be continued...more photos etc..
erf okay...I moved the photos somewhere...will find them..

Thursday, February 23, 2017

sorry its a little blurry

I am reading INFERNO..to learn what ciphers are used
to put hidden text in mass published books...
and I am finding avenues of research that will
take more than 5 lifetimes to conduct..which means...
I need help....if this is to be done...

I am still terrified of publishing even though Youtube
has inexplicably resurrected my channel...

but I miss you guys...and I miss having this
wonderful purpose...but life isn't meant to have a purpose...
(solar eclipse comment there..but we are all feeling it aren't we?)

I have hundred of unpublished videos...I and I keep thinking I will publish one..and then I don't I put introductions into each one and then I chicken out...
The effects in my personal life have been real...
I don't read many comments and youtube hid them from me
until a few months ago.

A few posts ago..I showed you with screen shot ...how online calculators
don't work for me..and I would like to make a disclaimer about all of my work
that wasn't hand calculated...I woke up to late to the calculator interference..
So that's embarrassing..I don't know how deep the
calculator distortion goes in my work..

Also as you know...hand calculating has its perils..because the mind
inverts and misremembers combinations...and now I am even finding that I mean to write one number and another is written (erg!)...so I calmly tighten the reins on all that...but
my hand calculations are done to my best effort..but I am humbly aware that I am
an intuitive artist type.....not a calculator...so....if you have listened to my
videos you know that I don't parade around the tephlon ego that many of
of my male colleagues display..
and I am comfortable with my foibles...just wanted to say that...

so today ..I found two new ....expanses of research in the numbers..
1. mirrors in the ratios of the ciphers....yes the ciphers know one another..
and their ratios speak like sentences...
and there are mirrors ...inversions in the ciphers that make sense
with the context of the original script

2.  I found cipher ratio similarities and equivelents in the spellings of
vertical mirrored numbers.  They are probably everywhere in the mirrored
numbers..but this is another avenue of research that could take years..to

This photo doesn't show any of these recent finding..its just another 9/24=9/11
which is the cusp from yang to yin..on the tree of life...
the outbreath..to the inbreath...of TIME itself..
divergent time to convergent time...
We are now...on our 5th year of converging timelines...
which is just a perspective of the "sap" ..not the tree
this is why we have the mandela effect...
and I wish on my channel...if I could do it safely...
teach you how to navigate converging time lines...
but...it is a huge topic and the first step is to disbelieve in a shared reality.
The shared reality hoax...is the the most fundamental hoax of
our dominant paradigm...

good day..

Monday, January 23, 2017

My Main Channel..seems to be restored

Woah...I don't know when this happened...
but my Main channel ..Dandilion Song
was restored..and my video collection unlocked...
I have been making videos but not publishing them...
because I have been threatened...

I have been working to re-edit the videos..that had
music in them somewhere...to hopefully protect this library of videos..
I haven't had the ability to edit these videos until now..

an update...I am still unable to upload to VIDME
and I haven't tried uploading to any of my channels for a while
because the uploads have been very very slow...
which is how they have prevented uploading before.

I notice that suddenly I am getting notification on
the Hummingbird Channel and the Dandilion Song Channel..
so strange that all of sudden this is working again for me.
I wonder what is going on behind the scenes...to allow
me to suddenly see my notifications..

Here is the second to last video that I published..before my channel
was taken down by youtube...I was narrowing in on ORION..
I am still studying..and I have made alot of progress
in the number methods..so I don't do this the same way anymore..
I have added more ciphers..to the studies...but I
thought I would embed this video here...
for a record of where the channel was interrupted Oct 2015

I am hoping that we are seeing the turning of the tides
with media censorship...but it will take a while before
It is truly safe..

The main message of these times is that
the corporate media...contains not only misinformation
but hypnotism.  The hypnotism is blocking people from
having rational thought.  THe corporate media has been
fully against the Trump administration.

I have thought that Trump was another corporate puppet...
but his actions look like he may have gone rogue..or
that he might not be a corporate puppet.

So many people are under media hypnotism and
are convinced that Trump is a nightmare..like the
corporate media has been drilling into them..and hypnotizing
them with this view.

I think that it is dangerous to watch a mind control media source
when they have patents on mind control technology through your
TV and computer screen..You can have no freedom if you don't even have
your mind under your own control...

If you believe that Trump is evil ....I invite you...to do your own
research...and stop watching mainstream corporate mafia news.
I dont' think he is evil..I think that he is a brash and outspoken
man, but I don't think he said all of the terrible things that are attributed to him.
I don't think he is a racist, or against women's rights. His hiring and promoting
records and the awards he has won...tell a different story than the
media is programming people with..

Trump...has so far not caved...to the secret government...
so hopefully he will stay strong...and safe. TPP has been revoked,
and other good news..I am expecting that Trump will bring mixed news
but he won't obey the corporate puppet masters...like I was worried that he would..

I think the most important message we can spread ...is to try and wake
people up from the hypnotism ...and the people need to be careful
of watching any corporate media..even comedy, movies...etc..

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Angry ?? That Trump Won? ...what is your Quantum Vote??

Whether you like Trump or not
voted or didn't
I believe that Trump did win
an election that was rigged against him...
I believe that he did win the popular vote..
I don't have time to show you the decode
of why I think this...
But I wanted to share with you ...for your
mercy toward yourself in all things including
political opinions , or fear that is stirred up
by the media
division stirred up by the media...

I believe that your
(Say to the Mountain Move)
is the most important VOTE
or VOLT..as in Energy that you
can bump the matrix with...

That means that you can VOTE right now
for Trump to be the Best Version of himself
now...and you can VOTE that despite any personal
flaws...that Trump can triumph over temptaion
or setbacks...to do what is best for
US....us...you and me...

So this teacher Matt Kahn is a powerful
as the media seeks more inventive ways
of dividing the commoner..
THIS BLOG and CHANNEL stands to
angelic innocence with our family of man

So...I embed this video
because this teacher...teaches the power of
Using your quantum vote....and
if you don't use your quantum vote....
it is time to learn now..with this video...
and from the wisdom in your heart....

This is the same Quantum vote that gentled
Hurricane Patricia..a man made Mexico killer
that was gentled from category 5..to a rainstorm
within a few hours...BY THE POWER OF
who stood alongside Mexico
like brothers and sisters...and said to the

So...that's why I embed this video
and to bring peace and power to your heart...

On this video at 1:05:00 or so...
There begins a discussion of how to view the Election
from a place of LOVE...whether you are happy or sad
with the outcome...

Later on this video there is an invocation of healing
for your energy body...and a return to your innocence and
power..so I share this with you..with love...
Dandilion Song...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The chaos in the US/ Cancer sun sign...This Tarot reading by Queen of Cups Tarot..

This Tarot reading by Queen of Cups Tarot
seem to NAIL ...the evolution of the US
right now.

OH MY GOODNESS..this perfectly describes the US...angry inner child, feeling left out, broken system, betrayal, the tower, revolution...people wanting to move to China (Canada)...I love your compassionate gentle view..If people who are so sad and angry in the US...could see this video I think it would help them breathe and have compassion for the process...

As you may know Astrology is a Sumerian science..and people were scared
away from using it throughout the ages and its secrets were kept for the Jewish people
and then...basically the Elite.

I would like to learn more about the history of the Tarot
I have been reading about it the "Secrets of all Ages" by Manly P Hall..
fascinating..I believe that the cards are in quantum flux..because there is no
observer for them when they are in the deck...this means that you can shuffle
3x and "feel" that the deck is right or shuffle 30 times and feel that the deck is right
and it will be right...that is quantum flux that is collapsed by your intent.

I believe that the intent for the US is to have 52 states..and this is to
reflect a normal deck of cards..card games are the closest thing to quantuam random collapse that
we can create without computers.  Gambling became a predatory game..because some people
have the ability to magnetize the cards that they wish..because they know that they can.
So...this was used and still is used to seperate people who don't know the secrets of the cards from their money..

President Elect is Sagittarius Moon...I wonder if he is the Knight of wands..who is seeing opportunities..and going around the system... I am fascinated with the Tarot as a collapse of the quantum reality, the differences between a broader minded reader and the various filters that readers have..I really like this reader..she has been right on for me.. I am just amazed listening...WOW this is the United States...hurt inner child, people feeling alienated ..the tower, revolution...Its amazing to hear this because you can see the US...."us" as a collective..with a dream, and feelings...and many conflicting parts...amazing view...of us as a collective really 
.its long but if you have some chores to do while you listen..I love her gentle voice..and her compassion for conflict..and also..how we manifest our own challenges by not honoring the child within

I do know that the protests are fueled by Soros..but there are many people who
are legitimate protesters...even if they are protesting that I believe Trump won a rigged
election...I still think that both Trump and Hillary are puppets..but I am realizing the extent to
which I was swayed by even the internet slant against Trump. I don't watch mainstream media..but I think that the people who were outraged...are affected by the stronger inflammatory propaganda on the mainstream media... Since he is our President Elect..I am hoping that they DON"T fake assassinate him or any other kind of harm come to him..because I would imagine that that would only have the purpose of creating more riots which will take more rights away from US citizens.

I am also aware..that I can align myself with a timeline in which Trump...is an effective leader...so I am working with my energy to do this...Hope you are well!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Elongated Skulls and Modern-ish Royal fashion

I have made many videos...and I am afraid to publish them yet...

Please stay tuned...when I feel it is safe to publish again
I have many new videos waiting to be published...

in the meantime...I offer these observances...

The Elongated Skulls...These I believe are lizard or ancient astronaut species....
there were more than one ancient astronaut and not all of them had elongated skulls.
I also think that the Elongated skulls ..could have come from Atlantis..through
Egypt...so I don't have a decisive theory about this..

But my observation which I haven't yet seen on the internet is that
our "Royalty" and our fashion is still based in trying to appear as the
Royalty do...and they attempt to appear as the ancient rulers with Elongated
Skulls Appear...Even today this is still a fashion.

In my research I have seen that Lord Pacal and Tutankhamen have slightly elongated skulls
and I believe that these were benevolent rulers

This is a link to a FB slideshow by Ancient Enthusiast...of Elongated Skulls It is public
so I hope you can see it...

The SKULL in..general is very evocative..as the Temple of man..
22 bones..7 orfices....22/7 approx PI
I have found detailed skulls drawn in the streets over WAshington DC and
London. I never posted my London findings...and will hopefully do that when it is safe.
I believe that both of the these regions give us clues to the brain anatomy and how it relates to ancient creation history/myth...and the gods of old..


In addition to the elongated skull fashion...Humans also have a SUNGLASSES fashion
which is based on copying ROYALTY ..because Lizard hybrids...have sensitive eyes to our sun.
HUMANS are fed healing chi...through the eyes by our sun..and true humans should NEVER
wear sunglasses they are harmful to true humans. Humans should always be grounded...touching the ground with their bare feet when feeding...from the sun. Through the eyes.

I should also remark that these dress and the tailcoats of the "gentlemen" ..would hide a tail...should a tail suddenly sprout...if they struggle with shapeshifting control..to appear human..

Also..it should be said that beheading is the only way..to kill a reptile...

I think that they are able to regenerate..with all other methods of attack..and this was known by the peasants and the royalty..and by the middle courts gentle class..like dukes and duchesses etc..I think they knew this..

Everybody loves Marge...she is portrayed as wise and capable and patient with her moronic husband and son.

This is CONDITIONING!!! I admit I even love Marge...but we have to notice our own feelings and let them inform us about...the intent of the conditioning...we have been trained to admire royalty, and trust them and to see them as wiser than we are.

Look at this photo..and see if  SUBLIMINALLY you feel that this woman is more delicate and beautiful...than a woman...with a tiny hair do...

( I cannot get the "text " to behave here...please forgive this)

I believe that we do still have people..with elongated skulls on the planet..but they are able to shapeshift to appear normal...many people who wear this style...may have ancient DNA tied to the elongated skulls..and they may feel within that this style feels natural to them. Though today they may have "normal " Human DNA.

So all people who wear Elongated skull style..are not lizards...
or shapeshifters...they are simply following FASHION....just we need
to be aware of the roots of the fashion.

By the way I do NOT agree with maligning this woman.
Ridiculing her accent or intelligence is POOR FORM.

But...it does appear that she has a naturally
full skull..hard to tell..she may have ratted her
hair in the back and then combed the outer layer
over that...

If Melanie Trump is willing to speak out against vaccines...then I am very proud of her...
It is still dangerous to do so..and she is brave
to carry on the work of protecting the infants and children...and really all of us..

I have to say ..that putting pictures in here...is ridiculous..they pop in ...way up at the top of the article..sometimes in the middle ..I have to cut and paste them..and even then I have do this multiple times...they won't drag anywhere....I just wanted to tell you this..so you don't think that I didn't try to make the format better..I tried...

I have been reading the books by Ahmed Osman..that convincingly tied Tutankhamun to the Teacher of Righteousness of the Dead Sea Scrolls...to Jesus...I would love to do more videos to share this with you..when it is safe to publish videos..

So ..here is King Tut...born in the line of David..if you understand that King David was really Tutmosis the 4th...

So...to me....if this is "Jesus" or Yahshua...He carried on the work of Akhenaten..to free Egypt from the cult of Amun Ra...(who was Marduk Ra...Yahweh/Baal ...storm god of the Jews)
Yahshua talked himself BLUE IN THE FACE against the Jewish Eite and their religion...of his time...I believe that we see this clearly in the legacy of Tutankamun...who...tried to create a gentler stance than his father Akhenaten/Moses. He introduced the religion of the Father. ABBA..for which he used the symbol of the SUN ..(I don't think they were sun worshippers..I think they used the symbol of the Sun..for the origin of all light and energy for the earth). And he wished to allow the people to keep their old corrupt Amun Ra gods..and the corrupt Amun Ra priesthood..which sold tickets to heaven in the form of little statues..to help a person push the scales in their direction when the time came to weight their heart against the feather of Maat or truth.

Tutankhamen was killed by a blow to the back of the head...This matches with how the Teacher or Righteousness died...in the holy of holies by a blow to the back of the head. The Holy of holies was where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. Tutankhamen has furniture to accommodate the Ark of the Covenant in his belongings..

But that is all a story for another time..

Here is a link to an article about other ancient rulers with Elongated Skulls

So..lets take a quick look at SUNGLASSES..the fashion and ask ourselves..how this came about..

Sego Canyon drawings

The link in the caption of this photo leads to an article about aliens in artwork..

link to article about frogs and aliens

There is so much to say about this...this photo to the right is from an article linked in the caption about revelations and a discussion of frogs.
I have done much decoding work on the subject of frogs and how in nursery rhyme conditioning we are taught that frogs are shapeshifters..and that a frog ...has a prince within..and magical abiilities. ..in modern children's programming..we are taught in the MUPPETS..that frogs..are more intelligent that the pigs (Miss Piggy...plays the role of the HAM..which is a reference to HUMANS...and she is seen to be vain..and  unappreciative of Kermits qualities)...
Link to Google image search of Alien Big Eyes

a link to 18th century sunglasses

So...I think that the Royals..relied on staying indoors, inside carriages..and under umbrellas to protect their hybrid sensitive eyes from the sun. But when sunglasses began to be available..they did make use of these..and the commoners began to covet sunglasses as well.

In this way ..the Royal could hide their shape shifting eyes..while protecting their sensitive eyes from our sun which un-natural to them..because they don't belong in our world..

So...It is my theory which I offer...that some royals like Tutankhamun..may have been born with a destiny to correct the mistakes of others of his RACE. ..and that is why we have aliens who are evil..and some fallen angels who seem to be trying to patch up the situation ...and to help humanity get on its feet again.

This is just a theory ..and I never ask you to adopt my theories ..I only share them with you..

I hope you are well..I am getting better and stronger...

Friday, November 11, 2016

TRUMP questions: date and time website giving me wrong answers

I should probably give up trying to publish..I believe that I have human observers who are watching...and distorting my access and calculators in an effort to embarrass and discredit me (sigh)

so I was working on 2/15 as a Trumpfakeassassination date..
it is the 46th day of the year ..he was born in 46. And it is the BD of Chris Farley who plays Trump in the movie Black Sheep..see the video below for Enterthestars great vid on this

so ...I don't have a screen shot of the first calculation in which the time date calculator gave me a correct result..but then I went back to try and find this again..and I got this answer
188 day

Lets do this by hand...8/11/16 is the 313rd day with 53 remaining
2/15 is the 46th day

53 +46=99th  NOT 188!!!
but look at this..I post this..because since publishing the problems with gematrix..
I have found a way around that problem..so think that publishing about
these problems...actually helps to expose them...

trying to find the 123rd day from 8/11...
by hand
53 days to 2017
31 days in Jan
28 days in Feb
31 days in March
puts us to 133 days

so...take away 10...to get to 123 day
or 3/21

3/21 is the 123rd day from 8/11

look at the wrong answer from the calculator below

So...why find the 123rd day?

it is based on Pi
13+14+15 =42


31+41+51 =123

that is why I was interested in this as
a possible date of interest..and I think the MIRROR makes it very
interesting as a possible trumpfakeassassination date..
which I will refer to ..as TFA date..going forward

...it is 123 days ..not 222 days...
I bet that if Enter the STars of Zachary...used this calculator..I bet they would get the right answer..as long as they didn't
teach to close to the true meaning of 123
it is ORION
ORION is the secret code in the Hillary logo...Orion forever...
the sagittarius sign is ORION H is 8 infinity..the death and reincarnation trap...of life on earth.
My teachings incorporate ancient history...and that is another
reason why I am censored..while others are allowed to publish
Enter the Stars..I think..actually said in response to my channel going down...that he was protected by the holy spirit ( ..implying that I wasn't)....I don't have any argument with him...just that it is conspicuous for decoders to try to explain to their followers why they are allowed to publish on a censored format and I am not..and why they don't give me a hand up...while the male channels help eachother out...as a matter of course..

As with other censorship..I also have problems with block personal messages and block replies..so if any channels have tried to help me...their comment or reply was probably blocked....in an effort to make me appear rude I guess...

I will study..Black Sheep...
and also hopefully bring you the numbers
concerning THE PAID PROTESTERS that are rioting
with $15 an hour and benefits and legal immunity
THEY must be exposed...the regular protesters...are just falling for the manipulation
but the paid protesters are traitors and need to be called out by their family and friends
or else they are clones..who f'in knows?

I will also embed the Dahboo video about paid protesters but first MORE on PI and Donald TRUMP Please see the video of the PI CIPHER encoded into the trump tower link on the right panel of this blog 

 On the subject of Pi...
Tim Matheson 

who plays 

Al Donnelly (Donald +Hillary) in the movie Black Sheep

showing an assassination attempt by sniper of Chris Farley

who is playing the crass Donald Trump character

This movie has screen shots of the calendar of 2016 election day

(enter the stars did great work on this)


TIm =13 pi cipher

Math =15 pi cipher

eson =14 pi cipher
this is 13-14-15
or 3.1415

he truley is the son..of "math"

and he is playing..the candidate

in a rigged election...

TRUMP/farley ...saves the election by pointing out voter

fraud by the female candidate (Hillary/DNC)

Other basic PI background

is that 13+14+15 =42 lessons of Maat ..

and 31+41+51=123

the ORION count up number that was featured in Falseflags

since at least 2015

312nd day is 8/11 in a non leap year...


now that I go back and try to find 

the 123rd day from 8/11

I see that the date time calculator is giving 
ME A WRONG RESULT for 8/11/16- 2/15/17
it did say 99 days..and if you do this by hand
it is 99 days..
now it is saying 188 days
and I CANT FIND THE 123rd day from 8/11
i'll have to do it by hand
because I get a non mathmatical number each time...


8/11 has 53days left...+46 days til 2/15

is 99

.not 188

do you see ? 

Again if I put this text in..I cannot see it in the edit box...
if I choose the colors and background to make it visible in the final version...
So I can't edit the text..above

anyway..going on....

Trump Tower 77 (in pi cipher acronym).
the Trump Tower has the Pi cipher encoded into its ARCHITECTURE!
that is how important this cipher is going forward

I have a video on my blog about the
Trump Tower pi cipher (this video has not been shut down yet)
The trump tower is is on a street with a 119 degree heading
77= power
58th prime is 269
9/26 is the 269th day
Isis in Washington DC ..she is drawn in the streets there
she points along a 269 heading out toward the west...
she points in a direct line to the Mexican border..
and this is exactly 1119.19 miles from the Washington Monument
58th day is 2/27 with 308 days remaining in a leap year (38=gold,jew)
22/7 = pi
this structure is also found within the pi cipher
----11/8/2016--to----2/15/2016 start of lupercalia ( the start of ROME...we are still under roman rule)
is 99 days
ninety nine days= 1183 jg (see the date?)
113 is inverse code for 313rd day which is 11/8
I have tried to predict Trumps assassination date a number of embarrassing times..but as we are all still learning the ropes of this code I think it is better to try and fail than not to try
So..I am predicting that 2/15 is the day
I think that this is also foretold in a confusing way in the movie
Black Sheep..where Chris Farley plays Trump ..(this movie was covered by Enter the stars..great video he did)
but I think that Chris Farley was sacrificed for Lupercalia
on December 18 ...12/18 (see the 11/8 ?)
and he was born on Lupercalia 2/15
So...in the spirit of mirrors..I think that Trump will be fake assassinate on 2/15....
also because of the number mirrors to 11/8
2/27 is 12 days from 2/15
the antidate of 2/27 is 11/4 (one day before trump assassination attempt)
2/15 is the 46th day with 320 days remaining in a leap year
the anti date is 11/16

see the 116 or the 119??
(now I don't have a SAVE button)...and I have to set the text color and background
color..over and over again....
seven =22 in the pi cipher and it is seven letters..
again 22/7
Pi is everything to these guys

the "Y" in the alphabet..
it is the question...and the answer
because it is 25 = pi
Y= why
16+9 = P+I
the 169th day is 6/18 ( 69)
6=F 18=R
the first two letters of Free mason...
Pi symbolizes the balance of duality
walking the diameter..a straight balanced line ...
in duality the two sides of circle
this is why in the google doodle on
election day...
the G =7...drops...2 half cans...they were halfs..
it is a reference to pi...
25 is code for the passive or enlightened zen form of Pi
17 =Q the power button = H+I greek form of pi
which I think is the active or entitled form of pi

it give team dark...permission to ACT
because they think they are holy
holy to them..is Pi...
Hi = hawaii..the 50 th and final state
the 32nd place of Pi is 50
this is the last step of becoming a master
32 degrees is frozen (like the snowman)
33 degrees is thawed and free...free from zombie
Black Birds is 22 baked in Pi...
twenty two
Trump =22 in pi cipher..
especially now...that it is encoded into the Trump Tower
no one has ever brought this up except me
and I am not allowed to publish publicly on youtube...
and I am ignored by all major male decoders...most of them are christian and are offended by what I teach
about that..

Zach has always been polite and encouraging..and I know that he is rightfully very busy
right now I am working on the next trump fake assassination date..I am not embarassed that I have been wrong so far..Okay maybe a little embarrassed...but I am thinking the First day of Lupercalia (start of Rome) 2/15...it is 99 days from 11/8 ..
9/23 is the 297th day in a leap year with 99 remaining..

 burning bush =22 =bb
22=Trump (pi cipher)
really from all of this symbolism
Trump himself..could be DIVIDED by seven..
to create Pi
..here in this pic...he is intersected by 1/4 of his body
1/4 x 206 (bones in a human body ..this is the body temple number)
1/4x206 =51.5 (saturn number inversion)

51.7 is the bottom angle of the pyramid
and in the Pi cipher side by side
it is in the English language structure
ING =517
ING is a powerful RUNE that seals the magic of the runes before it..
it symbolizes the male seed
it is sort of like the Q=17
which is the moment of conception
the beginning of an idea
The base angles of the pyramid
are the two agreeing conception ideas
dual ING runes
I know this sounds strange..I have alot of time to study
INTENT is the driving force of the sorceror=101
INTENT in the picipher sideby side is
517 517
the two bottom angles of the pyramid

I feel that this is the background that people need to
be able to be fluent in the codes so that we can
have "eyes to see"

IN THE ENTER THE STARS VID (above)..notice at 3:00 that Alex Jones look alike plays the cop that gives the assassination order.. IRONY WHAT????

March 21 is the 123rd day...from 8/11

321 123

123 is PI mirror code..incase people forgot...the thrust of this inquiry

so..on the subject of 123

123 is an ORION number =226
and I was working on what ORION
really means when my channel was
wrongly firebombed

Look at the "TIME" stamp on this "TIME" video

these people have no idea
that they are standing on a 119 heading street
but there wasn't CENSORSHIP..
they would be able to watch my channel..